Day 36 – June 13, 2012

I called to talk to Ty’s nurse and check on him. She said he did great. He slept good and woke at 7 am ready to eat. She gave him a bottle which he liked but only took about 10 ml. But that was such a relief. He was only requiring Tylenol for pain and didn’t need any oxygen.

When the girls and I got there for his 10:30, he wasn’t too interested in eating which was fine with me. We just held him while he got his milk through his tube and just loved on him.

The girls and I went in for his 4:30 and helped his night nurse suction his nose and he did well. He was wide awake and took about 16 ml from his bottle. He stayed awake for his full feed and the girls had fun playing with him. He actually stayed awake for 2 ½ hours, almost time for his next feeding. Rocky came and held him while he slept, we helped the nurse get him ready for his cares at 7:30 and left him content and sound asleep.

Surgery was scheduled for 7 am Thursday morning. The doctor wanted to scope him and take pictures to see what the problem was, then place his official stents. Sometimes I felt like we were starting back at square one, but I reminded myself that he was bigger now, stronger and he should recover faster. This was not a major setback. Things could be worse.

Ty’s O2 blood levels came back showing Ty was in danger of dying. His blood showed not enough oxygen and too much carbon dioxide. Had that happened when we were home, he could have died. His 7th time to cheat death.

The fire was at 46,820 acres and 10% containment. Glacier View was on alert now for evacuation which was where Tim’s parents lived.



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