Day 34 – June 11, 2012

The fire was up to 37,000 acres. The smoke in town was incredible. It was not at all contained. Evacuations had increased. We were worried about Rocky’s family’s property. We found maps on the Larimer County website and they updated them almost daily. It showed the burn areas and where the hot spots were but it was so hard to tell where the beast was going. The firefighters were working so hard to save as many lives and structures as possible. It was so hard to watch.

Ty did well at his 10:30 feeding. I picked the girls up from Tim and we headed to the hospital. He ate his whole feeding then the girls played with him for awhile. It was so fun to watch them interact with him and he seemed to love it.

We ran errands, got lunch then went back for his 1:30. He didn’t each much, so we left and went back for his 4:30. He ate about half of his feeding, but he seemed to struggle with it. One of the nurses we knew was not his nurse that day, but she came by and saw that Ty was struggling to eat so they put in his feeding tube. He had a hard time with it and needed oxygen.

When we went back for his 7:30 feeding, he struggled again, but drank the whole bottle. I was hopeful that it was just some secretions they could suction out and he would be fine. It really felt like he was on his way to coming home.


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