Day 33 – June 10, 2012

The fire was over 20,000 acres and not at all contained. Evacuations ran from Poudre Canyon down to Bellvue, Lory State Park, Redstone, Horsetooth, Buckhorn and Rist Canyons. It started in Paradise Park and ran through Stove Prairie. Unbelievable.

Our nurse called this morning and said that Ty was wide awake at 7:30 so she gave him a bottle and he took 54 ml. She was afraid that we would be upset that he may not eat at his 10:30 feeding. I told her that we prefer he attempt to eat all he wanted when he wanted. If he was awake and wanted to eat and we weren’t there, we wanted them to feed him. That was the best way to get him home.

He did end up eating 48 ml at his 10:30 feeding. They gave him a bottle at his 1:30 feeding and he took 40 ml. Then at his 4:30 he took 36 ml. Even though he didn’t take a full feeding today, he ate more than half his feeding four times in a row which was an AMAZING thing!

I was extremely hopeful that we would be bringing Ty home next weekend, his due date, Father’s Day.


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