Day 32 – June 9, 2012

Happy one month birthday Ty!

I got to the hospital today and our awesome nurse had made Ty another scrapbook page for him with footprints and his weight. She was so thoughtful. Those small things meant so much.

She said that he was really hungry so she started his bottle with him and he took about 25 ml in 8 minutes. I sat down with him and he took another 20 ml from the bottle with me. All in less than half an hour. Then he crashed. He slept better. He ate better. He was like a whole new man with the stents out.

A fire started today up the Buckhorn and Rist Canyon roads west of Fort Collins. Rocky’s family had property up there and his aunts were staying there for the summer. They had been evacuated. I saw the smoke as I drove to the hospital that morning. It grew from 50 acres to over 5,000 acres by that night. Crazy day.

Rocky and I went in for Ty’s 4:30 feeding and he was doing awesome. He was breathing on his own with no oxygen and he did again with the 4:30 feeding. He drank his entire bottle. I couldn’t believe it. In half an hour again. No struggle. And he was drinking with a regular nipple, not the slow flow nipple they usually used for premees. We were so excited for him! One more major step accomplished for Ty to come home.


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